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Modelyletadel.cz is an e-shop with a tradition. 

We offer ready made die-cast, resin and plastic models of airliners, military aircrafts, military and space technique, ships and figurines.

We are distributors for the majority of our products and we are able to assist you with any kind of information in this field. We are also able to arrage a custom manufacturing of your aircraft or secon-hand sell models from your collection.

We hope to see you in person at many Airshows around Czech republic and Slovakia which we attend with our blue tent.

Remember that our slogan:

We have your favorite model!

is still 100% true. 

Team of Modelyletadel.cz




Hobby Master 2018

29.10.2017 12:24

Novinkové newslettery od firmy Hobby Master na rok 2018

Hobby Master 2017

30.11.2016 21:18

Novinkové newslettery od firmy Hobby Master na rok 2017

Hobby Master 2016

21.11.2015 13:36

Novinkové newslettery od firmy Hobby Master na rok 2016.

Hobby Master 2015

30.11.2014 11:53

Novinkové newslettery od firmy Hobby Master na rok 2015.

Návod na sestavení podvozku JAS-39C Gripen

24.8.2014 12:56

Vzhledem k tomu, že v pondělí 25.8. budou expedovány první objednané kusy dlouho...


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JS-2m "114" Czechoslovak 1st Tank Brigade, Prague 1945

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