Complaints procedure

The owner of e-shop sets a following procedure in case of complaint:

1st: General provisions and definitions

The Complaints Procedure has been prepared according to the Civil Code and applies to goods whose claim was within the warranty period, which is on all the goods sold by seller a period of 24 months from the issue date of the receipt. "Seller" is a Roman Scherks, Školní 808, 530 06 Pardubice, No. 132 27 858, VAT CZ6402162272, mailing address: Jiráskova 21 (from Karla IV.) 530 02 Pardubice (map: You will find us here!). All other details of purchase, such as a delivery note or invoice is sent with the package to the buyer. Warrants are issued for the goods by receipt duly confirmed by the seller.

2nd: Warranty conditions

If the goods are handed over by the carrier (Czech Post or InTime) in the damaged transport packaging or if the Buyer sees that the carrier has delivered the goods with any defects, the Buyer has to write a complaint report with the carrier. In this case, Buyer has the right not to accept the goods and, if the objection has been found justified, he is entitled to have the goods exchanged for new goods (or 100% refund of the purchase price) within one week of receipt of notification of this fact to the Seller. In the case of goods transport back to the Seller the Buyer shall transport the goods himself and on his expenses and in the case of a justified claim from the Buyer the amount of the costs associated with shipping and handling shall be refunded to Buyer's account or by check. The warranty period starts from the hand over of the goods to the Buyer by carrier. In case of replacement, warranty begins to run again. Buyer when unpacking goods, in their own interest, treats the container well - for situations when Buyer needs to send back the goods, the Buyer is obliged to wrap the goods into original container. If Buyer does not have the original packaging, Buyer is obliged at his own expense procure new packaging, matching the demands of fragile goods transport and mark it with the appropriate symbols. Buyer acknowledges that non-protected goods in transit claim may not be recognized as a proper complaint. When sending back the goods, the goods are sent in full condition, including all accessories. The goods must be accompanied by a copy of the delivery note (or invoice) and the exact fault description. Seller after settling the claim shall invite the Buyer to collect the goods, or sends it at his own expense and risk to the Buyer back. If the complaint is founded unauthorized (defect occurred misuse or mishandling, etc.), the Seller will charge the Buyer the cost of locating and repairing defects and transport costs. The Buyer is obliged to pay these costs within the specified time, but no later than 14 days after the end of the complaint procedure. In the case of not repairable defects, the buyer has the right for a reasonable discount of the price. 

The claim expires in the following cases:

  • violation of protective seals and labels, if the product has them
  • improper installation, handling or operation
  • use of goods in conditions that do not correspond to the parameters of the parameters set out in the documentation
  • goods have been damaged by the natural elements

3rd: Complaint conditions

In case of any complaint BuyCer informs Seller by phone or e-mail and they agree on the most appropriate form of complaint procedure.

4th: Final provisions

This Complaints Procedure shall take effect since 1st December 2007. Changes of Complaints Procedure are reserved.


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Pursuant to the Czech Act on Registration of Sales, the Seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the Buyer.
Sales must be registered to the tax authority online; in case of a technical failure this must be done within 48 hours.